How to Maintain your Asus Laptop Battery?

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Are you planning to replace your laptop battery? Regardless of what type your device is, the Asus brand will always have a battery for you. After using your computer for a long time, its battery starts losing its ability to keep the charge, and it can die anytime during operations. To avoid any inconveniences, you need a backup that will keep your work flowing. Get batteries d’ordinateur portable Asus, which comes with a guarantee and excellent performance. The manufacturer is known to produce quality products globally, and it is the world’s fifth-largest computer dealer.

How Asus Guarantees You Laptop Batteries

Buying an Asus battery comes with benefits; you get a replacement guarantee.

  • If the battery can damage your laptop when on its warranty, the company will replace it for free.
  • The company will also change the battery if it doesn’t charge.
  • Asus will replace the battery if the laptop cannot find it.
  • If the system displays a warning text to replace the computer, Asus will do a free battery replacement.
  • Asus will also do a free replacement if the battery indicator flashes unusually.

Why Would Asus Decline Your Laptop’s Battery Replacement?

Just because your Asus laptop battery comes with a warranty and a replacement guarantee, it does not mean you can call the company after ruining the battery’s nature by yourself. Asus will not replace your battery if it’s for the following reasons.

  • Improper use of your battery.
  • Traces of rust or moisture on the damaged battery
  • Your battery is repaired by unauthorized personnel
  • No proof of a warranty seal or a purchase invoice
  • Your battery capacity decreases with normal use

How to Maintain Asus Laptop Batteries?

Nothing lasts long without proper care. There are important things to remember when caring for your batteries to give you a longer service life, including taking the following measures.

1.Regular Charger Plugins and Plug Outs

Did you know that making regular charger connections and disconnections affects the capacity and life of batteries? Avoid this practice. Charge your batteries to maximum and disconnect once.

2.Maintain Temperatures

Temperatures play a crucial role in maintaining your battery’s life. Ensure to keep between 10-30 degrees Celsius. Note, your battery may explode if you expose it to extreme temperatures.

Additionally, do not store your batteries in humid or cold places. This practice can accelerate your battery’s discharge time leading to a reduced capacity. Lastly, avoid storing your laptops next to heat sources such as ovens, heaters, radiators, etc.

3.Optimize Your Battery’s Capacity

Maintain your battery’s life by adjusting your laptop’s settings to save power when not use your device—for instance, setting it to sleep mode. Alternatively, turn off your machine to cool the system. Always remember to adjust screen brightness to maintain your Asus’s battery capacity.

When Should You Change Your Asus Battery?

When your battery loses its capacity, it becomes difficult to trust its service because the device can go off unexpectedly in the middle of your work. Replacing the battery is the only step to resume your business uninterrupted. The following are signs you need to get a new battery.

  • Your laptop is not recognizing the battery.
  • Your device is not starting because the battery is dead.
  • Your battery is draining faster after charging.
  • If your battery cannot hold the charge even when connected to the socket.

Final Thoughts

When buying your laptop’s battery, it’s important to look for a company that provides quality products like the Asus brand. Find your next battery at our website today, make a purchase, and enjoy the guaranteed benefits.

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