Here’s Everything That Rolled Out With The HMS Core 5.0


The new HMS Core 5.0 rolled out earlier this summer. It brought a set of improvements, services, and seven new developer kits. The new kits enable developers to create a range of new features to their apps within System, Media, and Graphics Category.

#1 Huawei Image Kit

Developers can use this kit to integrate an assembly of animation functions into their apps. It comes with nine animation effects, twenty-four color filters, and five animations, all of which can be combined to make all sorts of combinations. 

#2 Huawei Accelerate Kit

The Accelerate kit is available to developers as a thread of APIs. It relieves the developer from dealing with tedious thread management tasks. Instead, the developer can solely focus on developing an app that utilize the multi-core hardware capability of the smartphone or tablet, which means an efficient running. 

#3 Huawei Audio Kit

The Audiokit offers audio capabilities such as audio effects and audio playback that utilize the HMS Core platform. Then there are the audio decoding and audio encoding features that are at the hardware level. 

#4 Huawei Video Kit

The video kit enables smooth HD video playback, a plethora of new control options, and takes the overall user experience to another level. Video hosting and video editing are expected in some of the upcoming versions. 

#5 Huawei Scene Kit

The Scene Kit is a high-performance rendering engine that is both lightweight and has low consumption. Thanks to its APIs, it can render, operate, and edit 3D materials. The scene kit is widely applicable to different scenarios in which image rendering is required, such as in design, gaming, education, and shopping.

#6 hQUIC Kit

Thanks to this kit, your app can feature reliable and secure communication proficiency, as well as low latency. Cronet, iQUIC, and gQUIC protocols are supported as well. Thanks to those protocols and their advanced algorithms, the developer can avoid various congestion scenarios across multiple network environments. As a direct result, the app can establish a faster connection, higher output, and minimize packet loss.

#7 Huawei Computer Graphics Kit

Huawei has made a serious effort to bring to life this high-performance rendering framework. It is based on the Kirin SoCs and can significantly boost the overall development efficiency. On top of it all, the rendering framework features secondary development, making the entire development process less complicated.

Other Improvements

Aside from the new developer kits, the HMS Core 5.0 brought further improvements to the existing services. Here are some of the services that benefited most from the HMS Core 5.0 update:

  • Dynamic Tag Manager. Added visual events and Facebook analytics extension
  • New Fido2Client for a platform authentication
  • Health Kit 5.0 offers integration from the Huawei health app. Thanks to this update, it is possible to get heart rate data, count steps, measure blood pressure, etc.
  • The Huawei location service now supports Fence management and crowd-sourcing. 
  • The Huawei push service now supports contextual data and LBS.
  • This was just to give you a taste of all the awesome things that came with the HMS Core 5.0 update.

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