How Many Types of CPUs are There?


A Central Processing Unit (CPU), also known as (processeur), is the computer’s main component. It controls all commands and calculations received by the computer’s input device then transfers the data to other computer components and its peripherals. We discuss the different types of CPUs down below.

Types of CPUs

Choosing the right CPU and having it programmed accordingly is important since all components depend on it. They include;

1. Single-core CPU

It is the oldest form, used in traditional computers, and is still used in some personal computers today. It can only perform one operation, hence its name, and cannot multitask efficiently. This type of CPU handles operations as they come from the input device. It processes the first and can only start on the second once the 1st task is completed. Too many operations greatly reduce its performance.

2. Dual-core CPU

It has two strong cores, operating like two single-core CPUs. The processor switches back and forth, trying to execute data. In case several data streams are executed, the dual-core finds a way to manage it. It multitasks efficiently without affecting the performance of the computer. The simultaneous multi-threading technology (SMT) should be embedded in the operating system and programs involved. This ensures the CPU usage is optimized.

3. Quad-core CPU

This type is more advanced and robust than the single and dual cores. Its features and design are an upgrade of the multiple core CPU. It boasts four strong cores where input data is divided between them; hence more work is done. The executed data is managed twice as fast as dual-core and four times that of a single-core CPU.

Each core is usually connected to a circuit inside the chip, such as memory, cache, and 1.0 port management. The quad-core CPU is suitable for gamers who use more than one program at the same time.

4. Hexa Core Processors

It has six working cores and is more powerful than all others mentioned above. It has a better ability to manage tasks at the same time. The hexacore processor is good in hyperthreading, having threads between 6 and 12. It allows the hosting of multiple applications such as databases and websites and still has a great performance. This type of CPU is ideal for CPU-intensive games. You can have multiple games and still have a good gaming experience.

5. Octa-core Processors

It has two sets of four cores, forming eight independent cores. The major difference with other processors is the speed at which data is processed. They are mostly found in smartphones and are very efficient.

There are CPUs with more than eight cores, like 10,12,14,16 to 72 cores. These types are common in server CPUs.

Final Word

The CPUs listed above are the most common, but there are more advanced ones. You can also differentiate the types of CPUs In terms of the number of cores like the single and dual cores, the platforms which they are used like desktop and the manufacturers who have developed them such as Intel.

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