The Best 5 Nerf Bunker Gun That Are Fun For Kids and Adults


If you want to take your Inflatable nerf bunker competition to the next level, play the game with your friends or family using the new Nerf guns that are incredibly fun. These harmless plastic toy guns shoot foam dart projectiles and have become a phenomenon in the toy world.

The Nerf bunker gun has been on the children’s wishlist for several years. The toy guns that shoot soft darts at moving or stationary targets have made inflatable bunker games fun to play in a group or with a family. They are designed for older kids and teens, but nothing stops big children from having a blast with them too.

Here are some of the best Nerf bunker guns that will have you yelping and running around your backyard, local park, or any staycation while enjoying a good play session with your family or friends.

#1. Nerf Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15

With the Nerf shockwave RD-15 in your arsenal, you never have to worry about running out of darts. It comes with 30 darts, and the toy can hold 15, ready to be fired.

It shoots one round at a time and fires a range of 72meters. You can customize it for players with a barrel attachment point, stock attachment point, and three tactical rails.

#2. NERF Elite 2.0 Motoblitz

This Nerf gun works in dual mode to target your opponent. Using the attached sight to aim at your target, you can choose the ten darts in succession or six darts at once. The Nerf elite also gives you faster reloads and superior range because 4XAA batteries power it. With a bright-colored body and lightweight, you’ll be ready for all the adventure.

#3. Nerf Nstrike Mega Bulldog

This Nerf gun is suitable for kids aged eight and above. The gun features two blasters in one and can switch to one-handed and back to two effortlessly. Its chamber has three dart spaces, each used at a time, allowing you to sharpen your targeting skills.

#4. NERF Dinosquad Armorstrike

This dinosaur-themed Nerf bunker gun sprays your target with up to eight darts at a time. It comes with 16 darts and is suitable for ages eight and above. It does not require any power, and you don’t need to go for darts all the time because it has an onboard unit where you can store them.

#5. Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR

This battlefield Nerf gun means business. With a length of 1.1 meters, it will leave your enemies shaking in their boots. The Nerf Fortnite boasts a six-dart clip and is sold with official Nerf Mega foam darts for playing. The blaster is perfect for long-distance shots and comes with a sight to enable you to pinpoint your enemy with accuracy. Suitable for age 8+.


Nerf bunker guns have overtaken the toy market with plenty of new designs and ideas. As usual, with all shooting play games, safety comes first. To prevent injuries, make sure you protect your eyes by wearing goggles and putting on elbow and knee pads on your kids when playing to protect them from possible injuries.

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