How to Add / Remove & Setup Android 4.2 Lock Screen Widgets


If you have updated your Android Smart Phone to the latest Jellybean update ie 4.2 or if you have bought a Nexus then the chances are you have got the latest version of Android out of the box. Now its time to learn how to Setup the Lock Screen Widgets onto your device and also start using them to maximize your productivity.

When we talk about productivity this would be possible by adding all your important data onto your lock screen itself so you can get a quick preview of the same. This is sometimes useful because you can get the updated version of your current emails or else shows you the Calendar which can remind you of something important.

In order to get started you need to first Lock the device and from the lock screen itself you need to Tap on the + Symbol on the top which is above the lock button.

Next depending on the total number of widgets available on your Smart Phone or Tablet they would show up as available in order to add them onto your Lock screen area.

Select your favorite widget which you would like to display and it would be added up. Do make a note that there would be many different widgets which can be added and the same would be shown in different pages which can be moved around from right to left in order to view them. Below is a demo of the Facebook / Calendar widget being active.

That’s it you have now added your favorite widgets to your Lock Screen and you can now get Instant Notifications directly when you pickup the tablet. If you would like to remove any of these or even change their placement or switch their placement then you need to long press on the widget and move it towards the top which would show a ‘Remove’ message, dropping onto which would remove this specific / selected widget.

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