Steps on How to Restore Stock Launcher on Android Devices


Android platform is the most used Mobile and Tablet OS because of its user friendly and developer friendly policy which allows the users to change everything about from the user interface to the look and appearance of your Device Android OS. Many of us might have got bored using the same interface and home screen from the custom android manufacturer launcher and deciding to change to some fancy Launcher to suit our needs and style. Many a times, it is the reverse situation where you would not be satisfied with the changed interface and would want to go back to the Stock one for a change.

Steps to Restore Stock Launcher on Android Devices:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on the Apps icon
  3. Then select Manage Apps
  4. If you remember the name of the launcher (Aepx, Nova, ADW launcher are the most commonly used) you have installed, click on the launcher
  5. Click on the ADW Launcher – Which will lead you to the ADW settings with options of Force Stop, Uninstall in the top and details about Storage and Cache and option of clearing Storage and Cache with one click.
  6. Go to the bottom of the page and you can see an Launch by Default option with a button about “Clear Defaults”
  7. Click on Clear Defaults – Which will remove all the default and running Launchers which you might have installed.
  8. Now click on your home button and go to your home page.
  9. You can see a box pop up asking you to choose what launcher you want to use
  10. Click on the Stock Launcher icon – Which will restore your Stock Launcher from Android
  11. There will be a tick box – Always use this which should be ticked to make sure your stock launcher is used in case you restart your device.

Once shifting back to the Stock launcher, your job is not done if you choose never to use that Custom ROM or Launcher ever. You need to uninstall that launcher from your Android device totally. To uninstall the same, you need to go to Settings > Applications and there you need to select the Launcher app which you want to uninstall and the page would show the options to either Force Stop or Uninstall the app. Removing the launcher app when not in use would help in freeing up some internal storage and RAM too which would have been unnecessarily used.

With Android platform we can get many options to modify our devices the way we like them to be but many a times we do not know how to get back the original settings once we get bored of the modifications.

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