How you can design user-friendly apps?


Among all the other things that you should include in your mobile app is the element of a great design. You can give your app certain touchpoints such as the addition of push notifications to make the users aware of what you are updating and what you are launching in the app. Push notifications make a great tool for raising the chances that your app gets attention. You also can add a nice and easy to spot in app purchase android method to your app so that users can have a smooth checkout process.

Push notifications example

Different people have mixed feelings about the use of push notifications because some app mangers misuse them or to say rightly overuse them. Push notifications may serve the purpose if you use them in a balanced way only to intimate the users about appropriate updates. For example, if you order something from food delivery, the necessary notification can be the following:

  • Your order for a big large pizza and two burgers have been received at our end.
  • We are getting ready for you the pizza and burgers.
  • We are packing up your order for delivery.
  • The rider has picked up your order and is on the way to delivery. Please arrange the requisite cash to hand it over to the rider or pay via card through the in-app payment system.
  • Your rider has arrived on your doorstep. Please pick up the order before it loses steam.

You can reduce the number of these notifications at will but even if you keep them they are an inappropriate number because when a user orders food for delivery, he is always anxious to receive it. He waits for the order and loves to know the status of the order. However, if the food delivery service frequently sends push notifications about what to order for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the users will be fed up one day, and they will uninstall the app eventually.

Pretty design

Humans love beauty. They like to see pretty things and pretty objects. Nice app design is also one of those things. Make the design beautiful and it will help improve the user experience. You can tell that by taking a look into the play stores. When you launch your app through Google or Apple store, you will notice that slick design apps get more downloads than the rest of the apps. It is a simple fact that people prefer to see and interact with pretty things therefore you should spend sufficient time and resources on a stellar design. Eventually, it will pay off.

Safe environment

A safe app environment is something that is essential to make the app stand out. There are so many apps around and you should not be surprised to know that many apps fall a prey to hacking attacks. You should work on making the app safer for users so that users may feel secure when they are downloading and using your services. Hacking attacks and data breaches will destroy your business in the long run. Try every bit to create a safe environment.

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