Why should you buy laptops for your kids?


The FR HONOR Back to School offer is allowing parents and students to access the Honor MagicBook 14 laptop for school purposes. This is one of the most student-friendly laptops in the market. Features like cost-efficiency, portability, and user-friendliness make it the perfect machine for students at different levels. This means that it can be used by middle school, high school, and college students. In this post, we look at why students need laptops. 

Why do students in middle and high school need laptops?

It is a surprise to many middle schools and high school parents when they are asked to buy laptops for their kids. Most parents do not understand why kids at this age need a machine for school. Below are some reasons why schools require middle and high school students to own laptops;

a. For online learning and communications

Online learning has explicitly become popular following the covid-19 pandemic. Since most countries, cities, or states do not allow kids to go to school in attempts to enforce social distancing orders. Therefore, schools have implemented online learning systems to enable students to continue attending classes from home. This is one of the reasons why middle and high school students need computers. Additionally, schools have online portals where students and parents can connect and communicate with teachers. 

b. For homework purposes

Another apparent reason why kids at this age may need to own a laptop is that they need it to complete their homework. Homework tasks like paper writing make laptops necessary. Laptops also make it easy for students to conduct academic research at any time and from anywhere. 

Why do college students need to own laptops?

Below are some primary reasons why students at the college level require laptops;

a. Research and completing assignments

One of the main reasons why college students need laptops is because of research. More often than not, students have to write reports and projects. They use computers with internet connectivity to collect the data they need and prepare the projects. These assignments are significant to their performance in school. College students also need computers to complete assignments. The devices give students the autonomy and flexibility required when they are working on their academic assignments. Some instructors also give web-based assignments that cannot be completed without a computer with internet connectivity. 

b. Communication

Most college students have to leave their homes and move to different parts of the country (sometimes the world). This makes it difficult for them to communicate with their friends and family through conventional means like calls and texts. Computers allow them to communicate because of the built-in webcams and microphones with which they come. 

c. Taking notes

Laptops also allow college students to take notes in classes where the professors or instructors make it hard to take notes by hand. They can also record notes and make digital notes. 


 A good laptop for students should meet all the specifications provided by the school. If the school does not give requirements, then get your child a computer that can access the internet, one that performs tremendously, with adequate storage and one with which they can type effortlessly. 

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